Beach Bums

Sure, I’ve been sailing in SL before but today I got an awesome taste of what it’s really like. My friend Tucker and I set out on the Blake Sea and spent a couple of hours battling the wind and waves as we traversed through the open water. Did you know that some sailboats are actually designed to interact with the SL wind system? It makes for a truly authentic experience. And boy, was it fun! We even dropped anchor at a little inlet and did some sunbathing.

Afterwards, we returned home and had a picnic lunch on the beach. Mostly, I was just working on my tan before we had to head off for work but the weather sure was nice. As I’ve scaled back on my blogging quite a bit and have focused more on enjoying SL, it’s been a huge eye opener for me as I’ve begun to see all of the fun things there are to do!

With that being said, I would love to hear what ya’ll love getting into in your daily SLives. Feel free to hit me up with suggestions and recommendations! <3


LELUTKA – Nuri Mesh Head
PINK CREAM PIE – Rae Fruitkini (cherry)
DOUX – Dua NEW RELEASE @ Equal10

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